Software Architect / Microsoft MVP (AI) and Technical Author


Here you can read some testimonials from a selection of my clients that I’ve done work for in the past.

Some these projects have involved custom web and application development, writing about artificial intelligence, analytics and big data.

Others have involved building interfaces to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then using their respective APIs, coupled with Azure Cognitive Services to surface actionable insights.

Professional, fantastic to work with and got us the data we needed…


We asked Jamie to build an interface that could extract social media data as part of the National Geographic Photo Ark Project.

Jamie developed interfaces for us that connected to the Instagram Graph API and Twitter Premium APIs thereby letting us identify popular content, important metrics and much more.

He is a fantastic person to work with, very professional, detail oriented and got us the data we needed!



Dr. Julia Lee

Created a system to help us manage major customer incidents on Twitter…


We worked with Jamie on a mission-critical job to help manage a major customer service incident.

Using Jamie’s skillset with the Twitter API and automation we created a system to manage large-scale customer inquiries.

We would be very happy to use Jamie again and recommend him also.

David | Managing Director

Respects deadlines and always delivers quality…


It’s been great working with Jamie.  Some writers are very knowledgeable, while others write pretty sentences. Jamie can do both and that’s pretty unique.

Jamie answers in a timely manner, respects deadlines and always delivers quality content.

Happy to recommend him!

Alexandre Painchaud

In-depth experience in computer science and software development…


Jamie is a very thorough and professional tech writer.

With his in-depth experience in computer science and software development, he is able to put together detailed and informative articles that are relevant, insightful and are interesting to read.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great all-round tech writer.

Alexey Semeney | CEO

Sped up my social media campaign…


I liked working with Jamie. I had to find a way to quickly filter a list of many Twitter users.  

Using a script he custom-made for me, I was able to speed up my social media campaign.

Thank you.

Angelo Milanetti | CEO

Amazing ability and computer science expert…


Jamie has the amazing ability of being able to write about incredibly technical topics, in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand.

Being able to find a technical writer that is both an expert in computer science, but also a great writer, is extremely rare.

Jamie is one of those few.

Simon Thompson | Founder