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I have created products based on feedback from readers of the blog, users on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Here you will find tools and resources that will save you development time and get to grips with technology quicker without having to exercise a blackbelt in Google-Fu!

How to connect to the Instagram Graph API with C# (and use AI). First Edition

This eBook was born out of my own needs.

I couldn’t find any C# tutorials that showed me how to connect to the Instagram Graph API so documented what I was doing.

I’ve condensed everything into this easy to follow eBook which features 50+ pages.


  • How to connect to the Instagram Graph API
  • What Endpoints are available & the data you can extract
  • Using the Instagram Insights API to extract image insights
  • Using Postman to test your connection to the Graph API
  • How to extract the Likes, Comments & Impressions
  • Easy to follow UML Sequence diagrams
  • How to build an extendable & reusable API in C#
  • How to apply Microsoft #AI to surface insights

You also get:

  • access to an API saving weeks of dev time
  • written in C#
  • integrated with #Azure Cognitive Services
  • dedicated models, business objects and logic layers
  • can be easily encapsulated in existing applications

*This book is currently also currently available for free in the Books section of my blog. You can also support my work by purchasing a copy here.
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