Software Architect / Microsoft MVP (AI) and Pluralsight Author

How to connected to the Instagram Graph API with C# eBook (and use AI!) (First Edition)

The Instagram series of tutorials proved to be some of my most popular content in 2019. I have streamlined and collated the content into this eBook.

In this eBook you will:

  • Be introduced to the Instagram Graph API
  • Learn what you need to configure on Facebook and Instagram to access the Instagram Graph API
  • See examples of datasets you can fetch using the Instagram Graph API
  • See how to write an API in C# that connects to the Instagram Graph API and extracts data
  • Learn about AI and Azure Cognitive Services
  • See how AI can be applied to Instagram data

By the time you’ve finished the eBook, you’ll:

  • have a firm understanding of the Instagram Graph API
  • how to consume the Graph API
  • have an API architecture that lets you easily add new Instagram Graph Endpoints
  • have a solution that can be easily used and referenced by other projects
  • be able to surface actionable insights in Instagram data