Software Architect / Microsoft MVP (AI) and Pluralsight Author



Hi, I’ve done quite a bit over the years in the software industry and I’ve created this blog to store the things I learn to help re-enforce my understanding of concepts, technologies and to share this with the community.


For almost 20 years I’ve been working mainly with Microsoft .NET and have a keen interest in web development, code, machine learning, psychology, business, and start-ups.

Too Much Information

I’ve been writing code since I was a kid.  It started off when I’d get a magazine called Crash! fortnightly for the Spectrum.  It had a tape with demos of full priced games (which I could never afford) so after I’d played those to death, I’d type out the code listings in the back of the magazines and play with those “games”.  I’d hack away at them, changing how they behaved and thought it was cool how I could change things and control what they did.

This led to the Commodore 64 and a number of Amiga’s where I hacked around with Blitz Basic and various incarnations of AMOS.  During the Amiga years, I ran a BBS called The Forum! BBS from my bedroom.  I had people from all over the world that would dial into that over a 36k modem.

I was also a Fidonet node and involved in the Public Domain scene.  I collaborated with other coders in Europe and tried my hand at writing the next “Zelda”.  We never did finish it but I’m sure I still have the sprites somewhere.

Naturally, all of this led to me studying diplomas and degrees and embarking on a career in tech.

Machine Learning and Twitter

In 2013, I researched machine learning and sentiment analysis techniques during a Masters degree which resulted in the creation of a product called Social Opinion that mines data from social networks.  This work resulted in me being offered an invite to Twitter HQ in San Francisco in 2016.

In 2017, Twitter ran #Promote which saw me extend the Social Opinion artificial intelligence API to allow it to identify sales leads in real-time.  Digital marketers can then serve these leads with Creative thereby helping deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person.  JiT (Just-in-Time) Ads was born!

This time, I was invited to Twitters HQ in NYC, the competition was FIERCE  for #Promote and although I didn’t win (again!), the experience was worth it alone.  I was granted access to internal alpha APIs which featured datasets that I integrated with my solution to give it further consumer insights.

MVP Award

I documented my activities, shared ideas on my blog and other developer sites such as Code Matters and in 2019 was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award in Artificial Intelligence.

(read more here about the journey)

Microsoft MVP Award

I connected with 16 other AI MVP’ from around the world and co-authored the first AI MVP Book.  The book shows real-world applications of artificial intelligence and all sales proceeds of the book went to charirty.

What am I working on at the moment?

Main focus areas and technology currently keeping me busy consists of:

  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Conversational AI and chatbots using the Bot Framework
  • Computer Vision
  • Creating developer tutorials and content
  • Developing courses for Pluralsight
  • Instagram Graph API
  • Twitter API
  • Text Analytics


Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, would like a topic covered or are interested in working on something together!