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Introducing Audio Notes

I bought a domain name a few weeks ago –


This is a new a micro-SaaS that uses artificial intelligence, speech to text, and text analytics to automatically summarise audio and create notes from your recordings.


When build is complete, you can use Audio Notes to speak and capture ideas then automatically have them converted into a concise notes.  You might use this to create drafts of blogs, social media posts, or meeting notes.


It will run in Azure, use Azure AI, and be built using Visual Studio 2022 with C#.


A combination of the following will be used to build this:

  • Azure AI Speech
  • Azure AI Language
  • Azure Functions
  • JavaScript
  • SDKs


It’ll be built quickly and in public.  Reusing the framework and process that was used to build the journal and mood tracking SaaS will help with this.


Stay tuned.

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