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Introducing ‘Mood Insights’. New AI Features Added To SaaS Daily Tracker.

A few weeks ago, I built and shipped a micro-SaaS.  It’s called Daily Tracker and online at


Signup with just an email address, password and supply your timezone and you’re in.  It’s 100% free.


I recently shipped and announced new AI capabilities in an earlier blog post.


I’ve added a new reporting feature called Mood Insights. This uses AI to further categorise help you drill down into the detail of what made you smile, meh, or frown.


Read on to learn more about this.


Existing Mood Map

The existing mood map shows you the distribution of what made you smile, feel meh or frown for the selected reporting period:


Hovering over each cell will show you the total count of each but that’s where it ends.


New ‘Mood Insights’ Chart

You can now click on each cell in the mood map.  Doing this will take you to a detailed chart (Mood Insights) that shows you: the who, what and where that was responsible for each emotion.



This new feature is available now at  The project has been built whenever I had an hour spare here and there.


The core solution is simple and uses out of the box .NET features, Azure Cloud Services, and free SDKs.


Doing this means I effectively have a cookie cutter SaaS toolkit and template that can handle:

  • authentication and authorisation
  • custom business logic
  • database access
  • web pages and reporting
  • back end long running system processes
  • text analytics
  • named entity recognition
  • key phrase extraction


These core features can quickly be leveraged in future SaaS ideas.  The architecture also makes it simple to extend existing capabilities.

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