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Cognitive Services and Applied AI are Now ‘Azure AI Services’

Blink and you might have missed it but during Microsoft Inspire, and as of the 18th of July, Azure Cognitive Services and Applied AI are now collectively known as Azure AI Services.


You can see the renaming for all existing products in the table below:

Current Product Names Updated Names
Azure AI Content Safety Azure AI Content Safety
Azure Form Recognizer Azure AI Document Intelligence
Translator Azure AI Translator
Metrics Advisor Azure AI Metrics Advisor
Immersive Reader Azure AI Immersive Reader
Cognitive Service for Speech Azure AI Speech
Custom Vision Azure AI Custom Vision
Anomaly Detector Azure AI Anomaly Detector
Cognitive Service for Vision Azure AI Vision
Personalizer Azure AI Personalizer
Cognitive Service for Language Azure AI Language
Azure Bot Service Azure AI Bot Service
Azure Video Indexer Azure AI Video Indexer
Azure OpenAI Service Azure OpenAI Service
Azure Cognitive Search Azure Cognitive Search

The only services excluded from the renaming are: Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Search. These keep their existing name.


A unified naming convention makes sense to me.  The Applied AI category was initially confusing for some people.

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