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Announcement: Journal and Mood Tracking Micro-SaaS Released

A few weeks ago I published a blog How To: Creating a Private Journal and Mood Tracking App Using .NET 6, Chat GPT, C# and Visual Studio 2022.


This idea was the result of a tweet.  It came to me whilst out with my youngest son.



The main requirements in that were:

  • being able to supply text an image and mood for that day
  • being able to view all existing statuses for a given year


And from a technical perspective:

  • quick and simple to code
  • as few dependencies as possible
  • easy to use on mobile and simple interface
  • no database back end


The solution ran on JSON files and a few lines of code.  I decided to take this further and turn this into a micro-SaaS that runs in Azure.


SaaS Version

The SaaS version contains additional features such as:

  • charting to help visualise and aggregate mood data
  • an Azure SQL database back-end to store data
  • Azure Maps to let you identify and pin the location of journal entries
  • Send Grid to handle email processing
  • Microsoft Identity to handle authentication and authorisation


Key Features and Usage

The entire solution was built in a short amount of time using free Microsoft Azure credits, community tools, and services.


Key features include:

  • Capture text, mood, and an image
  • Record memories to look back on
  • Pin the location of journal entries
  • Graphical report and chart to visualise your data over 12 months


You can think of it as your own private timeline.


Mental Health

Use this tool to evaluate your own behavioural trends and mental health over a specific time period.

Identify and remove everything making you frown.

Optimise  mindset and make further lifestyle adjustments.


Artificial Intelligence

In a future release, AI, text analytics and computer vision will to help you correlate the what, who, and where with mood data.

For example:

  • you are most happy in these locations
  • these activities made you smile / meh / frown
  • top activities/locations/people that made you smile / meh / frown

Conversational AI might be integrated using Azure Open AI.  This would ingest journal data and offer suggestions to help you identify or further optimise lifestyle.


From Prototype to Production.

Turning the prototype into a micro-SaaS wasn’t much work.  I shared some of this in a recent thread on Twitter.

I’ll detail the entire process and what it took to go from prototype to production in a longer form blog post in the coming weeks.

In the meantime you can find an early version of the app at


If you have any questions feel free to drop them below or contact me on Twitter.

Stay tuned.

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