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Useful Azure Open AI, Prompt Engineering, and Large Language Model (LLM) Resources for Developers

There have been many announcements in the Azure AI and Open AI space in the last few months.


It’s hard to keep track of it all sometimes or to find resources that are useful and not just click-bait.


I’ve pulled together the content, videos, code, and SDKs I’ve personally used to learn more about the technology and grouped them into:


  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Code and client libraries


Free courses also included with the most recent being created by Isa Fulford of Open AI and Dr Andrew Ng (founder of DeepLearning.AI, CEO of Landing AI, and Co Founder of Coursera).


You can use these resources to:

  • understand what prompt engineering is
  • learn about common techniques for generating the output that you want with prompt engineering
  • the important of giving the language model “time to think”
  • how to get started with Azure Open AI
  • how to consume Azure Open Service using C# and the client library
  • see Azure Open AI in action in Visual Studio with C# and Azure Functions
  • explore further examples how Azure Open can be used


Some of my personal blogs are also listed with accompanying code and video walkthroughs.  The list isn’t exhaustive, and I may add to this in the future.



Articles and Blogs

These will give you an overview of prompt engineering and show you some useful techniques you can apply.


Introduction to prompt engineering :


Prompt engineering techniques :


Prompt engineering: How to get Codex to produce the code you want :


Semantic Kernel and Learning LLM AI :


Get started with OpenAI in .NET :


First Look: Azure Open AI Studio, Prompt Engineering. What You Can Do and How :


How To Build an AI Bot using Azure Functions, Chat GPT and the Twitter API v2 with C# :




These videos are easy to understand and give you an overview of what is possible with Azure Open AI.  Some personal code walkthroughs are also included.


Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI Service :


The AI Show with Seth Suarez at Microsoft :


How To Build an AI Bot using Azure Functions, Chat GPT and the Twitter API v2 with C# :


Azure Open AI Studio, Prompt Engineering. What You Can Do and How :




 Code examples can be found here.  Use these to see how to build against Azure Open AI.


Azure OpenAI .NET Samples :


Collection of sample applications built on Azure Open AI :



Client Libraries and NuGet Packages

These libraries encapsulate the API calls you typically need to construct when working with web apis.  Use these to speed up development.


Azure Open AI Client for .NET :


A library for helping developers craft prompts for Large Language Models :



Free Courses

 Sketchnote by [(@girlie_mac)](

The first 2 courses will get you up to speed with minimal time investment.  The thirds is a more involved and covers many AI topics (12 weeks worth of lessons):




That’s it.  Spending a few hours with these resources will give you great overview of some of the technology.

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