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Introducing a new mini-series: How to Create an AI Social Listening Tool using Azure and the Twitter API

Ever wanted to learn how to create a social listening tool?

In this mini-series, I’ll show you how to create a social listening tool using Azure AI and the Twitter API.

Specifically, the mini-series will cover:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Building and Testing Azure Functions
  • Using Cognitive Services to leverage Azure AI
  • Using Azure.Storage.Blobs NuGet to manipulate data in Azure Blob Storage Containers with C#
  • How to use the Twitter API V2 and the Social Opinion API to search for data
  • Using Azure Cognitive Services to surface AI insights in Twitter data
  • Using Azure Storage Explorer to browse data
  • Reporting


By the end of this mini-series, you’ll have your own social media listening tool that lets you listen to the public conversation.

You’ll see how Azure Cognitive Services for Language can help you find further insights.


The mini-series consists of 4 parts:

  • Part 1 – Components, Services, and Architecture.
  • Part 2 – Creating the Azure Function “TwitterFunction” to Fetch Data
  • Part 3 – Creating the Azure Function “TextAnalyticsFunction” and Using AI
  • Part 4 – Reporting
  • Part 5 – Bonus Material


Part 1 will be published on 19th November 2022.  Stay tuned.

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