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Visual Studio 2022, NuGet, and Missing Packages

I rarely have issues with NuGet.  After adding references, it just works.

Recently though I had a frustrating issue with “missing / restored” packages not being included in the build.


After several code merges from the team, Visual Studio 2022 kept reporting this error:

The build restored NuGet packages. Build the project again to include these packages in the build. For more information, see: {solution} {path} {project_name}.csproj      3824


I made sure these settings were enabled via Tools -> Options:

I checked VS references.  No missing references:


I also rebuilt and cleaned the solution and individual projects each time.  No luck.


In the end, the Package Manager Console resolved the issue.

Specifically, this command:

Update-Package -reinstall

A bit strange.  I expected the Package Restore settings in Visual Studio to automatically handled restoration of any missing NuGet packages (earlier screenshot).

Learn more about this command here.

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  1. Chip

    hmmm – getting this error using the command above:
    The `-Reinstall` parameter does not apply to PackageReference based projects

  2. OHNO

    Windows and Visual Studo are a nightmare now.

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