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How to Track Your Most Impactful Tweets Using the Tweet Audit in Social Opinion

If you schedule content on Twitter, you probably have many tweets in your timeline.  Staying on top of your content and what’s making the most impact can be difficult.


The Tweet Audit feature lets you search, sort, and filter tweets using the following fields:

  • Date the tweet was sent
  • Number of replies the tweet received
  • The number of likes a tweet received
  • The number of impressions a tweet received


Being able to search, sort, and filter your personal tweets makes it possible for you to:

  • figure out what your most or least popular content is
  • identify what content to amplify or create less of
  • identify patters based on the date/time you post content


In addition to being able to search and filter your personal tweets, the Tweet Audit screen also contains 1-click shortcuts that let you:

  • Create an evergreen tweet from an existing tweet
  • Delete a single tweet
  • Bulk deletes a collection tweets


The Evergreen feature helps you quickly repurpose popular content by using the selected tweet to automatically plug gaps in your content schedule – all in a single click.

The Tweet Audit feature also lets you delete a single tweet or bulk delete a collection of tweets from the search results.  Use this to clean-up your Twitter account, remove low value content, and present a better online persona.


If you have further questions about these features, would like a demo, then contact us.  You can also sign-up here.

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