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Better Understand Your Audience on Twitter Using Follower Intelligence

The follower intelligence features help you understand two important datasets and metrics for your Twitter followers:


  • When they are most active
  • What they are talking about and topics they care about


A heatmap surfaces the times WHEN your followers are most active for a given reporting period.


A treemap groups and surfaces the most popular content your followers are sharing and discussing for a given reporting period.


Follower Heatmap

The time and day of the week are shown in the heatmap.

The intensity of each cell within the heatmap indicates when followers are most active. Darker concentrations represent more followers for that day/time whereas lighter shades represent a lower volume of activity.

Use this information to determine the best times for you to schedule content with the content scheduler.


Follower Treemap

The treemap using Twitter API context annotations, NLP, text analytics, and machine learning to categorise what your followers care about in a given reporting period.

Hovering over items within each grouping will display a tooltip that contains the total mention for each item.  For example, in the above screenshot, you can see Twitter has been mentioned 19 times.

Use this information to what your followers care about and the topics they discuss.


Try this out by checking out Social Opinion here.

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