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Analyse Followers Using the Follower Database in Social Opinion

The follower database feature lets you search, sort, page, and filter all your existing followers in your Twitter account.


Your followers are updated daily in Social Opinion and available information for each follower currently includes:

  • Username
  • Bio description
  • Location
  • Follower count
  • Following count
  • Tweets
  • Listed Lists


You can search using username, keywords in the follower bio description, and the location:

Use the follower database to:

  • Help you find specific followers based on bio or location
  • Estimate potential reach / audience based on bio keywords
  • Segment followers by location or interest


Future Updates

Future updates to the follower database will let you:

  • Bulk-add followers to a list (Twitter CRM!)
  • Bulk DM followers (helping you scale communication and marketing)
  • Analyse relationship and communication history with followers (helping you quickly get context with followers)


Contact us for more information, a demo, or sign up to Social Opinion here.

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