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My New Course ‘Create a Chatbot Using Bot Framework Composer’ Will Help You Pass the AI 102 Microsoft Exam

Are you looking at sitting the new AI-102 Microsoft exam and gaining the Azure AI Engineer Associate accreditation?

My new Cloud Academy course will help you understand the key concepts the exam covers in relation to the “Implementing Conversational AI Solutions” component of the exam.

15-20% of the exam content is covered by this topic.

In this course, you’ll learn about the Bot Framework Composer.  You’ll learn about the key features and what’s possible with Composer.  You’ll learn about dialogs, triggers, and prompts and how these can be used to model conversational logic in your chatbots. You’ll learn how to work with state and variables.

You’ll also see how to control chatbot output by using language generation and how to implement adaptive cards to create rich user experiences.

You’ll see how the Bot Framework Emulator, Webchat Window, Watch Window and Application Insights can be used to debug your chatbot.

The course wraps up by showing you how to get your chatbot published into Azure and testing your chatbot using the Azure Portal.

Learning Objectives

This new Cloud Academy course will teach you key components of building conversational AI applications and will cover the following learning objectives:


  • Using Bot Framework Composer to create chatbots
  • implementing dialogs
  • maintaining state
  • implementing logging for a bot conversation
  • implementing prompts for user input
  • troubleshooting a conversational bot
  • adding language generation for a response
  • designing and implementing adaptive cards
  • testing and publishing a chatbot

When Will The Course Be Released?

This new course will be released in the next few weeks.  You can find out more details about what’s measured in other areas of the AI-102 here.

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