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Running a SaaS or Start-up? Checkout Microsoft for Start-ups.

Some of you know that I built and run a SaaS in my spare time called Social Opinion.

Social Opinion is a social media productivity platform is aimed at busy creators, marketers and community builders.

It contains tools that help you discover new content and audiences. Automation features help save you time such as scheduling content for Twitter and LinkedIn (Facebook and Instagram coming soon!) .

You can also use the tool to help you analyse, grow and maintain your online presence.

A few weeks ago I requested access to the Microsoft for Startups program.

The program helps remove traditional barriers to building a company with free access to the technology and coaching being some of the benefits.

I run everything for my SaaS in Azure and use several technologies such as Azure SQL, App Services and Blob Storage.

One good thing about the program is that you can get access to free Azure credits to help you on your journey and save money.  You can request further access to more resources as your startup grows.

Signing Up

The program is currently in limited preview access but you can request access for free. It took about a week for my application to be processed and I received an email with the good news.

Soon I’ll be migrating my Azure SQL instances over to the new subscription which will be a massive help.

If you’re looking for support in getting your idea off the ground, or to simply connect with others on the same path as you, submit your application!



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