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How to Stay Ahead on Twitter: The Power of A Tweet Scheduler

With over 192 million daily active users, if you have something to say, you should probably be saying it on Twitter. 

Improving reach and building a presence on Twitter offers huge benefits to both businesses and individuals… 

For individuals, amplifying engagement means nurturing connections and building a larger following. This can be monetized or simply used to promote new content and spark conversations. 

For businesses, building brands that consumers will connect with starts by engaging them and providing relevant, valuable content. The rise of content marketing, influencer marketing and social media marketing illustrate a shift in consumer behaviour: in a world of endless choice, consumers choose the brands that they feel most connected to. 

The fact that over 80% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a tweet just goes to show the power of building relationships on the platform. When it comes to facilitating sales, the power of a platform which focuses on consistent engagement cannot be understated.

And yet when looking to amplify reach and stay ahead on Twitter, there are a number of factors to be aware of. The platform- as most social media channels do- gets more populated year on year. As such, the algorithm shifts, making it more difficult for new or less popular users’ content to be seen. 

In this article, we discuss the most important Twitter tips in 2021, drawing your attention to the secret weapon that is the tweet scheduler. 

Tweet schedulers have the capacity to completely transform your Twitter presence and accelerate your results on the platform.

Read on to discover more.

5 Ways To Improve Engagement On Twitter:

  • Find out what your audience care about
  • Consistently tweet relevant and interesting material
  • Reuse your content
  • Optimise your interaction with others 
  • Build a strong hashtag strategy


1. Find out what your audience care about

How well do you know your audience?

Sure, you might have run a few polls or asked a question here and there… But do you know what they actually want to see? Are you a part of the conversations they want to be having?

The vast quantity of data available on Twitter makes it possible for social listening tools (like Social Opinion) to tell you exactly what your audience is likely to engage with. 

Before you even sit at your laptop and begin to write a tweet, it’s invaluable to consider the kind of data Social Opinion presents. Knowing the topics and brands that your audience discuss allows you to build out a more well informed content strategy that targets these key points.

In short, our follower intelligence dashboards allow you to put less time into your Twitter account whilst generating better results.  

2. Consistently tweet relevant and interesting material

Many of us have stories about that time we tweeted about the latest sports match or TV show and it blew up. Sometimes you hit on relevance and good timing and the retweets just roll in. 

Eventually, though, we also know that they stop… An interesting tweet or two is not enough to truly nurture and build an engaged audience. Consistently tweeting relevant and interesting material is the only way to get noticed and remain front of mind. 

But what makes good content? And how can you aim to post consistently without compromising on quality?

Put simply, good content is content that your audience, or target audience, is interested in. After doing research through social listening, you can optimise your tweets in a few ways.

The first, and perhaps most obvious, is to keep the copy concise. Twitter limits you to 280 characters per tweet for a reason… Content on the platform is meant to be snappy and engaging. 

You should also share a variety of links where relevant and add visual content where possible. GIFs in particular are great having been shown to improve engagement by 55% on average.

When it comes to consistency, things get a little more difficult. Research suggests that users should aim to post at least 5 times a day, but preferably 20 times a day. Combine this quantity of content with trying to post at the best times for audience engagement and you have a very stressful task at hand. 

A tweet scheduler allows you to save time and pinpoint perfect times to post. By batch creating content, you can focus on quality and keeping your feed fresh so as to prevent losing followers.

Our evergreen tweet feature takes this to the next level by auto filling empty slots with content you have created in advance.  Simply use the data on your existing audience to figure out the ideal times to post and then, when you’re feeling your most creative, schedule content that can be used to fill in the gaps. You’ll never miss an opportunity to make a connection again.

3. Reuse your content

If, at this stage, you’re thinking, “how am I supposed to think of hundreds of content ideas in one go?!” have no fear. Like any social media platform, Twitter is all about reusing content as well as creating new stuff.

The first way you can do this is through retweets. Not only does retweeting allow you to engage with other users, but it gives your profile additional exposure and adds variety to your feed.

Setting up auto-retweets of your own content through Social Opinion Tweet Scheduler also ensures that your audience don’t miss a thing and that your account stays front of mind. 

For accounts with a global following, auto-retweet also helps them navigate the issue of different time zones. By ensuring that each piece goes out twice, you ensure that each tweet makes maximum impact. 

You can select this function simply by ticking “retweet a tweet after X hours” as shown in the image below.

You can also review all pending retweets in the pending retweets screen.

4. Optimise your interaction with others 

Engagement on Twitter is key; in order to amplify your own content you need to display a deep interest in your audience.

As well as retweeting, replying and curating content to your audience, you should aim to post at times when they are likely to see it.

The lifespan of a tweet is currently just 18 minutes. This means that there are 18 minutes where you can realistically expect your tweet to be engaged with. Make those minutes count and maximise your account’s exposure.  

With our heatmaps feature, integrated into the Tweet Scheduler, you can stop guessing, find out exactly when your audience is active and boost your content. By getting retweets and likes within the first few minutes, your profile will also be boosted further by Twitter’s algorithm. 

5. Build a strong hashtag strategy 

Tweets that incorporate one or two hashtags have been shown to increase engagement by 100% for individuals and 50% for brands. 

If you’re not already including hashtags in your tweets, you could be missing a huge opportunity. However, it’s important to select hashtags that are going to resonate with your audience and prospective new followers.

Building a strong hashtag strategy usually means undertaking hours of research, analysing what is trending alongside what your followers are talking about. With our social listening tool however, the entire process is streamlined.

By searching for a specific hashtag within the social listening feature, you can assess more accurately the impact it would have with your followers.

By combining Processed Tweets (all tweets that were processed by the campaign searching for a hashtag) and Audience Intelligence (all people that sent tweets picked up by your campaign), Social Opinion allows for extended insights. 

 From here, you can pinpoint the hashtags that have an existing buzz around them.

More Than Just A Tweet Scheduler

Our Tweet Scheduler exists to take your Twitter results to the next level. 

To find out more about Social Opinion, click here. 

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