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Save Time Creating Content by Cross-posting Tweets to LinkedIn

I publish a weekly blog on topics like .NET, AI, Cognitive Services, Bot Framework, Twitter API, or anything else that interests me. I share the blog URLs on Twitter and LinkedIn.  These are manual tasks and involve be clicking between each platform.

To save time doing this weekly task I’ve added a new feature to Social Opinion that let’s you automatically repurpose content you create in the Tweet Scheduler.

The new feature gives you the option of cross-posting tweets to LinkedIn.

In this blog post you’ll learn how to connect your LinkedIn account to Social Opinion. Doing this will save you time and help widen the reach of your content.

Connecting Your LinkedIn Account

You connect your Linked In account by browsing to the Scheduler Settings screen which you can see here:

After clicking the button Connect your LinkedIn Account you are redirected to the LinkedIn login screen:

After supplying your credentials, you are redirected to the Social Opinion Scheduler settings screen and are advised the LinkedIn account is now connected:

You can now cross-share your tweets to LinkedIn. Read on to see how this works with the tweet scheduler.

Auto Post to LinkedIn


The global settings of the tweet scheduler contain a setting “auto post to LinkedIn”. When checked, any timeslots you add to your tweet schedule will also default to cross-posting the content to LinkedIn.

You can use this to save you a few mouse clicks.


In the scree-shot below you can see the updated tweet scheduler. In this example, 2 tweets will also be shared on LinkedIn.  You can override the global setting we looked at earlier by clicking on the LinkedIn icon.

A timeslot with the darker/blue LinkedIn icon means the tweet will be cross posted on LinkedIn. Timeslots in the tweet scheduler with the grey icon aren’t cross-posted on LinkedIn.

What About Evergreen Tweets?

At present, Evergreen Tweets in Social Opinion aren’t cross-posted to LinkedIn.  You might be wondering why.

Due the nature and audiences on both platforms people tend to share content on Twitter more frequently than they do LinkedIn. Evergreen tweets could result in spammy looking LinkedIn profile.

Any feedback is welcomed around this decision and some existing customers have already expressed another configuration option to override this behaviour.


In this blog post we’ve seen how busy content creators; social media managers and marketers can save time creating content by cross-posting Tweets to LinkedIn. Facebook and Instagram integration is coming soon so watch this space!

Find out more information about these features and more at

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