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New Pluralsight Course: – Build a Form Recognizer With Microsoft Azure Computer Vision

I published my third course on Pluralsight – Build a Form Recognizer with Microsoft Azure Computer Vision.

This course will provide you with the required knowledge to help you prepare for the Microsoft Exam AI-102: “Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution”.

Cognitive services are some of the most exciting AI services in the Azure platform. In this course you’ll understand how to use Microsoft AI, Computer Vision and Form Recognizer API.

  • First, you’ll explore the Computer Vision API and how you can use this to analyse images, extract text or handwritten text from visual content.
  • Next, you’ll discover how to process information from receipts and tables using Form Recognizer API
  • Finally, you’ll learn how Form Recognizer API lets you create custom models that represent data specific to your unique business requirements.


Find out more information about the course over at Pluralsight here.

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