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Cross Share Scheduled Tweets to LinkedIn using Social Opinion (Coming Soon)

I manually cross-share weekly blogs and other content on Twitter and LinkedIn. It takes a few clicks and manual uploads of images.

I know a few others do the same thing and it got me thinking about removing a few of those steps and mouse clicks.

I created a poll on that ran for 7 days to gauge interest in a feature that would let you automatically cross share your tweet onto LinkedIn and the votes were split down the middle.

A few people made some good comments such as “I’m a yes to this, although a separate tab so you can customise things between the two.  I often post the same across Twitter/LinkedIn but add a but more context for LinkedIn because of more characters.”

I often post the same across Twitter/LinkedIn but add a but more context for LinkedIn because of more characters.”

Taking the results of the vote into account and me not wanting to have to move between two websites to share the same content and repeat the same data entry process, I’ve decided to build the feature into Social Opinion.

Mock-up and Functionality

The existing tweet scheduling control will be changed to have second tab which you can see here:

People need to be concise on Twitter due to the character limit, but LinkedIn gives you upto 1,300 characters play with so these will be reflected in the new control.

How It Will Work

You access the scheduler through the regular screen and compose your tweets as normal. Any tweets you schedule will also be shared as posts on Linked In.

There are a few subtilties to be aware of when this goes live:

  • Images you attach to a tweet are also used in the LinkedIn post
  • If you don’t supply any text in the LinkedIn textbox, the text from the tweet is used
  • If you amend the LinkedIn text, the tweet text does not change
  • If you change the tweet text and the LinkedIn text already contains a user updated value, the LinkedIn text doesn’t change


These make it simple for you to target LinkedIn and repurpose the content.  They also let you tailor content for each platform.

Future Integrations

Future integrations might include cross posting to Instagram or Facebook business page. No one has mentioned those yet however.

Look out for the Social Opinion LinkedIn Post Scheduler -coming soon!

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