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Cloud with Chris: Tales from The Real World

A few weeks ago, Chris Reddington, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, invited me onto his awesome podcast Cloud with Chris.

In this episode I shared my experience of building a SaaS from the ground up (in my own time) using .NET, Azure, and the Twitter API.

Some of the topics we coveted include, but are not limited to:

  • What my SaaS does
  • Bayesian Theorem and how I built a classifier to perform text analytics
  • How I morphed a C# API into a SaaS
  • Underlying technology and design
  • Problems I experienced along the way
  • Handling payments and credit card processing
  • Scalability
  • Deciding when to build or buy
  • and of course – just getting something out there


We wrapped up by talking about how the SaaS was used to quickly crowdsource almost 1,000 blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels kindly submitted by tech Twitter in just 1 week.

If you’re considering building your own SaaS or just interested in what might be involved, then check it out.

You can catch the episode here: Social Opinion with Jamie Maguire | Cloud With Chris.

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