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How I crowdsourced 700 of the best community Blogs, Podcasts, and YouTube channels from Tech Twitter in 60 seconds

In the spirit of giving back I sent a tweet last week asking if anyone had a blog. The plan was to simply retweet this after a few days and to help amplify the blogs that were submitted in the thread.

I didn’t expect so many responses and after receiving almost 400 replies to the thread I thought it would be a good idea to extract each of the URLs into online searchable resource. We’re drowning in content these days so why save time by having curated list of awesome tech resource to check out – in one place?

I was going to write some code with the help of my NuGet package then had the brainwave of using the conversation_id of the original tweet in a social listening campaign in Social Opinion.

It took a few seconds to copy and paste the id then create the campaign. After 30 minutes the dashboards started to fill up.  The main thing I was interested in were the URLs for each blog.  You can see that at the time of writing this blog over 400 blog URLs were submitted in just a few days!

With the URLs collected I was then able to write a simple query to extract the blog URLs and the associated users Twitter information.

I extracted the data then had a look around for simple bootstrap template. I then literally used an online convertor to convert the raw database output into an HTML table (Low Code!):

This got me thinking about podcasts, so I created another tweet asking if anyone of Tech Twitter had podcast.

Jamie Maguire on Twitter: “Do you have a podcast? Drop it down below and let’s raise awareness of all the great podcasts out there. I’ll curate and share the podcasts mentioned in this thread into a resource for the community.” / Twitter

I thought, why stop there? So done the same for You Tube channels.

Jamie Maguire on Twitter: “Do you have a YouTube channel? Drop the link below and let’s get you more recognition. I’ll curate all urls in this thread and include them in an online searchable resource for the community.  Your Twitter account will also be included.” / Twitter

Crowdsourced Mega Directory

The tech community submitted almost 700 resources in the last 7 days.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • .NET
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Citrix
  • Chatbots
  • Cognitive Services
  • Cloud
  • Coaching
  • DevOps
  • GitHub
  • JavaScript
  • Kubernetes
  • Mental Health
  • Professional Development
  • IoT
  • Web Development


All 3 threads are still available, and you can add your own blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

In the coming days I’ll publish the resources that were submitted by the community.  Simply use CTRL-F on the browser to search for the topics that interest you.

It’s a manual effort and the only code I wrote was the SQL query to grab the data. This is quick and dirty! In terms of hosting, I’m going to publish this on a static site in Azure. This guide was helpful: QuickStart: Create a static HTML web app – Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs

You will also be able to see the persons Twitter account from this directory. If you want to include your own then simple add your URL to the relevant thread (blog/podcast or YouTube).

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