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Closing the Free Plan for Social Opinion

Social Opinion has been running for a few months now. In that time hundreds of people logged in to analyse their personal analytics, schedule tweets, maintain and grow their Twitter account.  A high number of accounts were using the free tier and consequently most of the cloud and storage resources.

To preserve resources for paying customers I’ve shut down the free plan.  I have created a new Entry level plan in its place priced at £4.99 however which contains more features.

Some of the features the Entry plan includes are but are not limited to:

  • 7 Day Reporting – dive into rich analytics for your personal Twitter account
  • My Followers – search, sort and filter your followers by name, bio, and location
  • Tweet Scheduler – save yourself time my scheduling tweets in one sitting


Support for scheduled tweets with images will soon be released and the social listening feature will also be made available.  The social listening feature will let you discover the things that you’re interested in on Twitter.

You create a campaign, supply a query and tweets are fetched for you 24×7.

For example, this a campaign query is set to fetch tweets written in English, exclude retweets for #Perseverance.

lang:en -is:retweet #Perseverance

Here you can see a bunch of dashboards:

You can then dive into what is forming the conversation:

Or.. who is forming the conversation:

You might use this information to discover new insights around your campaign or to help you grow your twitter following by engaging users with similar interests.

Other dashboards let you dive further by exploring deeper topics.  Here for example, you can see the main entities being discussed:

There are multiple dashboards with different insights.  Highly useful for marketers, researchers, analysts or people looking to better understand or grow their audience on Twitter.

If you have an existing account, you will still be able to login but your data will be cleansed after 30 days unless you upgrade to the entry level plan.


You can find out more at

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