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Save time on Twitter by scheduling Tweets with the Social Opinion Tweet Scheduler

I have an app called Rescue Time on my phone and laptop. It’s more for interest that anything else and to see where my time goes when on devices. I noticed I’d spent over 7 hours on Twitter one week.

That’s a lot of time to be scrolling or posting tweets and it got me thinking that I could automate some aspects of what I was doing to free up some time. I dropped a Poll on Twitter and ran it for a week asking if people scheduled their tweets. The Poll got 51 votes, not massive enough to give me something to go on.

Some of the responses were interesting:

  • I use a combination of scheduling and ad hoc tweets.
  • I schedule promotional tweets for my books and courses specifically so that I don’t overwhelm and annoy my followers.
  • Scheduling allows me to make sure only one or two promotional tweets go out per day


With around 54% of voters saying they already schedule tweets (or they might consider it), it was enough for me to consider creating a tweet scheduler and Twitter automation feature for Social Opinion.

In this post I share how you can use this new Twitter automation feature to schedule and plan tweets.  I also mention some of the benefits of scheduling your content on Twitter.

Tweet Scheduler

The main purpose of the tweet scheduler is to help you spend less time maintaining and creating tweets. It does this by letting you create batches of tweets in a few mouse clicks in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Define your Timezone and global tweet settings:

This is a onetime deal.

Step 2

Define the timeslots you want your tweets to be sent:

This is another one time deal.

Step 3

Start bulk creating tweets using the Scheduler (make sure you have the correct timezone selected!).

You can type and save and create many tweets in a short time. For example, I was able to create 17 tweets in about 20 minutes.

I like to leave this open throughout the day as you never know when inspiration will strike and can quickly type them in.

Measuring the impact of your scheduled Tweets

With your tweets scheduled you can sit back, and Social Opinion will send them out automatically for you. You might want to measure the impact of your scheduled tweets and there are a few ways you can quickly check this.

Top 10 Tweets Dashboard

This can be accessed from analytics Overview screen. It displays the top 10 tweets sorted by the most impressions (how many times the tweet appeared in a timeline). You can click on the tweet text and you will be taken directly to the tweet on

Use this to quickly check the impact of content you’re sharing on Twitter.

Tweet Audit Dashboard

The Tweet Audit dashboard lets you search and filter your tweets using different field. These fields include:

  • date ranges
  • number of replies
  • number of likes
  • number of impressions

This dashboard also lets you tidy your Twitter account my giving you the option to remove single tweets or the entire collection in the search results.

Scheduling Tweets to Help Get More Followers on Twitter

A lot of people are interested in how to get more followers on Twitter. There isn’t really a playbook for this but one thing you can do is to share valuable content and share it often.

This doesn’t mean you need to be glued to your phone or laptop for hours on end and is where scheduling tweets can really help you.

People use platforms like Twitter to be entertained, educated, or inspired. Create content around the topics that interest you and the community you’re trying to reach. Share that cool new thing you just learned, your latest blog post, open-source software you built or even a link an article you read but with your own opinion.

Do this often enough and you’ll probably start to gain followers.

In the Follower Growth chart, you can see when I started to schedule tweets (5th Feb 2020) and the current date (13th Feb 2020):

On the 5th there were about 4,800 followers, by the end of the test there were 4,894.


In this blog post we’ve looked a new Twitter Automation feature that lets you schedule tweets in a few mouse clicks. We’ve also seen how you can measure the impact of scheduled tweets.  You can try this out for free at

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