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Why You Should Repair Your Storefront Windows

When you have spent money on your own store, you have made an investment in your future and in your business. A big part of your business being a success is in your business is in having a high quality security system. Unfortunately, some security systems don’t always involve reinforced windows – which means that glass is still going to be shattered if someone puts something heavy through it.

If you don’t have windows that are in good condition, you’re going to struggle. You need to have a business that makes your staff and customers feel safe, and no one wants to walk into a space that looks dangerous or a target for crime. You can do a pretty good patch job with cardboard and industrial tape, but you need to get those storefront windows repaired as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at why.


  • Goodbye, Foot Traffic. Much of the business for a store comes from those walking outside on the street. If people are walking past your store, you want a properly dressed window that makes them feel like it’s a great idea to walk right in. A broken window is going to deter your customers and make them feel like your business isn’t worth looking at. You want people to be attracted by your store; broken glass doesn’t add to that! The people walking by your business want to walk in but appearances really do matter. They will judge your business harshly and they’ll tell everyone not to go in, too. If you can ensure that your customers are talking positively about your business, then you know that they’ll be supportive of you getting your windows fixed up again and they’ll come back!
  • Keeping Costs Low. On a wintry day, you want people to come in and feel warm. With broken windows, they’ll walk in and feel cold! This will lead you to keep the heat pumping despite the breakage, and that will go directly out the window that’s broken. You need to fix your windows if you want to keep your costs down, and you want to keep your heating system working properly, too.
  • Security. A broken window invites even more crime to your store, and this invalidates your insurance, drives prices up and could subsequently close your business down. It’s one of the biggest and most obvious reasons to fix your broken windows. Repairing the glass right away is important, and your store deserves to be as secure as possible!


Yes, fixing your broken windows is going to cost you money, but this is an investment in continuing your business. With a broken storefront window, you’re going to lose your business and you’re not going to be able to keep it going. Take the hit and spend the cash: you won’t regret making the fix. Your customers deserve better, and you can do better despite the fact that you’ve got a broken window right now. Don’t forget to report it to the crime number and have the police review any local CCTV – just in case it wasn’t an accident!

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