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My next Pluralsight course: First Look at the Twitter API v2

I’ve been doing a lot with the new Twitter API (v2) over the last few months.  I’ve built up a ton of knowledge about the new endpoints, available datasets and what’s possible with the new capabilities that have shipped in this ground up rebuild.

I’ve documented some of this in several blogs. I also wrote an open source SDK that makes it easy for developers to use the Twitter API with a few lines of code.

With this newfound knowledge I pitched a suggestion to Pluralsight for my next course which would be on these learnings and would cover the following high-level topics:

  • Understanding what’s new with the Twitter API v2
  • Working with Teams, Projects, and Apps
  • Exploring the new Endpoints
  • Using the Twitter API v2
  • Use Cases and Demos


The pitch was successful and I’m working on the course over the coming weeks. I plan to have it shipped by some point in January 2021.

The course will last about 60 minutes and will condense everything that you need to know.  My first course will serve as a good starting point if you’re new to the Twitter API.

Many thanks to everyone at Twitter Dev/Real Team for their support in the last few months and to Pluralsight for commissioning this latest course.

Stay tuned!

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