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Why You Need to Know Your Customers

In the old days, people who owned a shop would know their customers well; customers would pop in, have a chat with the owner, the owner could order in their favourite products for them, they could give them advice on goods they think they would like and they build a relationship with them which would mean that the customer would keep coming back because they knew that they were looked after each time. Nowadays, with many businesses existing online, it is far more difficult to build this kind of relationship with your customers. However, it is still vital that you get to know them so that you can find out what they like, what they don’t like and work out how you can serve them better. This is the best way for your business to succeed. Knowing what makes your customers tick and being able to recognise their problems and know what to advise is essential. 

Knowing your customers is more than just knowing their names, ages and incomes. What you really want to know is their hobbies, tastes, whether they have a family or not, where they live and how they spend their time, what do they watch? What do they listen to? What excited them? What angers them? 

Apart from it being good service and good practise, there is another reason that knowing your customers is imperative, and that is your competition. You need every insight you can to help you beat your competitors and having the customer knowledge, and customer relationships are what will put you one step ahead. 

Knowing your customers better is what will get your more leads and ultimately, more sales. It is the key to giving your customers good service which, just like in the past, before the internet, giving good service then turns in to building strong customer relationships. However, not having that chat with the customer and them being online rather face to face can make it difficult for you to get to know them, or can it? 

Customer research is something that business often overlook as they see it as something trivial; they know the audience they want to target and think they know that customer. However, doing this research is what you need to find out who your customers are and ultimately make more money. Knowing what drives your customer to part with their money is essential. 

Thanks to technology you can actually find out way more about your customers than ever before, but it’s what you then do with that information that counts. If you’re not sure how you can get to know your customers, then look no further. 

Ask Questions

There are loads of questions you could ask your customers and again, think back to if it was in person, once you get past the ‘how are you today, how can I help?’ You might build up a conversation and get to the reason why they’re buying your product or service. It’s still vital to ask these questions to your customers, to find out how often they need your product or service, who are they buying for and where they most likely to purchase it? 

Companies who ask these questions and know what their clients want and what their customers expect have the information to be able to customise service and to build loyalty and then repeat business. Customer feedback is one of the most valuable sources of information you can have for your business. 

Pay for Insights

While there are plenty of ways to get free insights and analytics which can help you to understand your customer, if you want to get ahead of the competition, then you need to step up your game and get deeper insights. Paying for these is totally worth it and using something like UserZoom which is a UX insights solution for quick design iteration, user-focused product decisions, and measuring UX performance, can tell you what users think, track how they behave, and objectively measures user experience performance.

Ask For Feedback

People often can’t be bothered to give their feedback. However, it’s really important that you get it. Try offering your customers an incentive to give their feedback, perhaps a free gift or entry into a competition. Give them something worth their while because while it might only take a few minutes of their time, the information they will give you is valuable and you need to show that you appreciate that. 

Implement Live Chat

Live chat systems used to have a really bad reputation. However, thanks to technology, this has all changed, and now people specifically look for live chat options over other customer service options. Live chat is really beneficial to you as a business because it saves you money as agents can be chatting to more than one person at a time and also, it is actually now one of the greatest lead-generation tools around. Live chat means that you have those conversations recorded, and you can use them to collect data and leads and ultimately to understand your customer better.

Get Customer Reviews

There is a huge drive right now for people to live Google Reviews, and this is to help boost the local economy. This just shows how important they are. Now only does asking customers for reviews provide you with information about them and highlights any problems you need to solve. Reviews are also essential for getting more customers as people go straight to the reviews now to find out who they should go to for products or services.

Ultimately if you want to make sales, then you need to know what makes your customer part with their money, why they are they buying your product or using your service. What is it about your product or service that enhances their lives? If you can find out the answers to these questions and from the customers mouth rather than what you guess and think, then you will be able to successfully be able to grow your business. Genuinely understanding your customers will give them the experience they want, which keeps coming back for more because ultimately you will make their lives easier at the same time as increasing your sales. 

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