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Tips to Upgrade Your Website


In order to keep your website delivering for your customers and meeting expectations, it is advised to upgrade your website to make sure you can deal with customer demands swiftly. In order for your website to remain a success or become a success, you need to keep existing customers happy and wanting to use your services or return to your website. Along with this, you need to also drive new customers to your website to keep it ticking over.

All of this is easier said than done but is doable, and with some additions to your website, you can increase customer service and usability of the website to make sure you retain customers and attract new customers to your site. Here are a few tips to help you upgrade your website and make this possible.

Add in a customer service chat experience

A great way to increase your ability to assist customers instantly is by adding in a chat for customers to speak to someone on. When customers have the ability to just chat with someone, it is much easier for them and allows them to get on with what they are doing and not sit on hold or on the phone to resolve something. Sometimes it is just a simple thing they need help with, and making them call or wait for an email back is not beneficial to them, which in time will lead to them getting frustrated and losing faith in the business and also not recommending it to friends and family, which will spiral into a loss of business on a larger scale than just one person.

There are a couple of ways to get a chat added to your site, you could install a plugin or hire a company to install and run it for you. You can get a chatbox or an actual chat room, which is offered by the likes of click4assistance chat room, this will allow you to get on with your business while someone else deals with the chat room for you and gets it installed.

Make your website responsive

If your website is not already responsive to mobile phones and tablets, then it is time to upgrade it so that it is. When you load a none responsive website on a phone or tablet, it will cut off information on the website, making it unreadable and therefore making you lose out on customers.

With more people using their phones and tablets rather than their computers, this would be quite detrimental to a business in this day and age. Making your website responsive is fairly easy, you can either talk to the person who designed your site to get it updated or if you use a site like WordPress, then you can download a responsive theme to use. What this will then allow is for the website to adapt depending on the device, which means the customer won’t lose the content and have a better experience on your site.

If you are finding that customer retention is an issue or that your site is in need of an upgrade, then hopefully, these tips may help you to do this and increase the overall performance of your website.

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