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Put your Twitter Analytics on Autopilot with Social Opinion: MyAnalytics.

A couple of weeks ago I moved the next iteration of Social Opinion to production.  Many users in the community were asking for unique features that were centred around personal analytics and centralised dashboards to help them keep on top of the metrics that were important to them.

My Analytics

I covered some of the functionality in an earlier blog post. The main features of my analytics include easy to understand dashboards that let you see:

  • current engagement rate
  • follower count and differential from the previous day
  • total number of replies, likes, impressions, retweets, profile clicks, quotes
  • breakdown per day of replies, likes, impressions, retweets, profile clicks, quotes
  • average replies, likes, impressions, retweets, profile clicks, quotes per day
  • top Tweet by replies, likes, impressions, retweets profile clicks and quotes
  • follower growth
  • top 10 repliers to your tweets
  • top 10 tweets by impressions


You can also drill further into the audit tables that support these insights using a further 3 dashboards.

Overview and Engagement Metrics

The initial dashboard lets you see your key analytics:

Daily Trends and Follower Growth

Just below Overview and Engagement Metrics you can see the daily trends for each metric. Each column is clickable, and you can hover over them for further insights.  The Follower Growth line chart details your follower growth / churn.

Top Repliers

Here we have people that are replying to most of your tweets:

Top Tweets

Here we have your top tweets sorted by the number of impressions:

The Impact of Data Caps and Twitter API v2

We’ve had to deactivate the entire Social Listening capability of Social Opinion to due existing data caps with v2 of the Twitter API.  This is disappointing as users valued the dashboard but the data allowance is being maxed out within days.

This means that the following functionality is currently unavailable:

  • Campaigns
  • Audience Intelligence
  • Tweet Intelligence


These dashboards surfaced many insights such as:

  • Most/least discussed Person, Place, Organisation and Product or Service
  • Most/least discussed Hashtag, URL or Username
  • Number of People, Places, Organisations or Products and services being discussed
  • Number of Hashtags, URLS, Users, Domains, Entities or Annotations being discussed
  • What is forming the public conversation (Processed Tweets)
  • Who is forming the public conversation (Audience Intelligence)

It’s unclear when caps will be increased, or access will be elevated. More information to follow on that.

How can you access Social Opinion: My Analytics?

You can get started for free by logging in with your existing Twitter account by browsing to

The free plan will provide you with analytics for the last 7 days. Information is refreshed daily.

The paid plan will provide you with analytics for greater reporting periods and will soon give you the option to export your data.

Next Steps

Based on feedback from existing users there is demand for further personal account analytics features.  These capabilities will be added in the coming weeks.

Finally, thank you to existing users and customers for their patience, support, and feature requests.  This truly is a community driven project

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