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3 Health Tips For IT Workers

Even though you might love your job in IT, have you considered the damage that it’s doing to your health? People don’t tend to consider working in IT to be a dangerous profession but the nature of the work and the habits of a lot of people in the industry can lead to certain health issues. It’s important that you can recognize these problems and take steps to tackle them now before you do any long term damage. These are some of the best health tips for people that work in IT.

Stay Active

Sitting down all day long is terrible for your health because you hardly burn any calories for most of the day, which makes it tough to manage your weight. It’s not great for your heart either and sitting in the same position all day long can lead to a lot of neck and back pain. Unfortunately, nobody tells you this when you first start a career in IT, so many people are unaware of the damage that they are doing. If you are sitting in front of a computer all day long, it’s vital that you find ways to stay active.

Taking regular breaks to get up and walk around is one of the easiest ways to do that. You should also make an effort to fit more exercise into your routine as well. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, why not try cycling to work instead of driving? A few simple changes to your lifestyle will help you to be more active and reduce some of the health problems associated with sitting.

Protect Your Eyes

Staring at screens all day long isn’t great for your eyes, so you need to make sure that you protect them. All IT professionals should get a regular eye test and find a store to buy some glasses if they need them. Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, some specially designed computer glasses can help to reduce glare and prevent eye strain. You should also consider changing the settings on your monitor to filter out blue light. This will reduce eye strain and stop blue light from disrupting your sleep patterns.

It’s also important that you take regular breaks and look away from your screen for a few moments, even if you don’t get up from your desk. This will give your eyes a break and help them to refocus.

Cut Back On Caffeine

When you are working long hours, it’s tempting to keep yourself going with coffee or soda, but drinking lots of caffeine can be bad for your health. Although studies show that a few cups of coffee is beneficial, knocking them back all day long has a lot of negative effects. Eventually, you will become reliant on caffeine to stay awake and when you don’t have it, you will crash. You will find that you actually have a lot more energy if you reduce your caffeine intake a bit.

If you work in IT, it’s important that you follow these health tips so you don’t develop serious health issues in later life.

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