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Sharing a developer’s perspective on Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft on The Cloud Skills Show

This week I had the pleasure of joining Microsoft on The Cloud Skills show to share a developer’s perspective on Artificial Intelligence.

The Cloud Skills Show is a weekly livestream from Microsoft Developer UK that features guests from the UK and around the world to talk about clouds skills that Developers and IT Professionals can use to help accelerate or start their career in tech.

This was the third episode which was focussed on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and was hosted by Amy Boyd.

The show consisted of:

  • Developers Perspective on AI (my section)
  • Data Scientists Perspective on AI
  • Global AI Communities and Events
  • Learning and Skill Resources for AI and Machine Learning


Some of the things I discussed included:

  • How I got into artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Using the Twitter API to tap into the public consciousness
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Using Bayesian Theorem, NER and text classification APIs to categories Twitter data
  • Off the shelf APIs V rolling your own code
  • A freelance project involving Instagram data, text analytics and computer vision


We had a small technical glitch for about 20 seconds but other than that, the show ran smoothly and was great to hear other guests’ perspective on artificial intelligence.

There has already been some positive feedback on this week’s show with viewers reaching out on LinkedIn:

This talk was really getting me fired up.

That was a great show!

The presenter said it well…devs like us just go “I’ll create an ASP.NET web app to use it” while many others can’t even get there.

And over on Twitter:


We shared a collection of content and resources such as tutorials, demos, SDKs, and documentation to help people looking to get into AI.  Here are the links I shared throughout the talk for reference:

Resource URL
Azure Cognitive Services Documentation
Natural Language Processing on Learn
Conversational AI on Learn
Jamie’s Blog: Twitter / Text Analytics / LUIS / APIs
Social Opinion .NET API for Twitter
Jamie’s Demo Site for Instagram
Jamie’s Blog: Instagram
Instagram Graph API SDK

You can watch the recording on YouTube or read more about the episode here.


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