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Blog Post 100!

This marks the 100th blog post I’ve published. It seems like a little milestone so should be mentioned.

I want to take the time to say thanks to everyone who reads my articles, takes the time to leave comments and interact with me on social.

I made a commitment a while ago to consistently ship content every single week and to be honest, it has been an effort some weeks.

A day job, family life, personal issues and everything in between can make it tricky to find the time.

Before installing Google Analytics on the blog, I had no idea who (or if anyone) was reading posts. I was mainly doing this to firm up my understanding of topics take notes of content that I was interested in so wasn’t too concerned about that.

After installing Google Analytics though, some of the data was insightful. We have people from all over the world reading content on the blog which is nice to see:

In recent months, traffic has spiked. I can only put this down to shipping content consistently that resonates with readers:

The number of users visiting the blog has doubled in the last 3 months (thank you!). Some of the most popular content has been centred around:

  • Instagram Graph API with C#
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Twitter API


The Instagram mini series was so popular that I repackaged everything into an easy to use eBook. I tried a few different experiments with that content. For example, letting people pay what they wanted on Gumroad, selling directly from the blog but it seemed most wanted it for free (all good!).

I have plans for V2 which will feature an end to end web application that shows readers how to build a .NET Core Web App that fetches data with the Instagram Graph API.  Azure AI is then used to display text and computer vision insights in web dashboards.

I will possibly sell that from day one.


I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time – mainly at weekends, working on Social Opinion, building an API for .NET Developers to save time connecting to the new Twitter API and keeping upto date with Azure and Bot Framework announcements.

All of which eats into my personal time.  Recent family events have got me thinking about trying to get a better work life balance.


Finally, thankyou to YOU the readers. The community engagement, comments and connections are what help keep me motivated.

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