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New eBook: How to use the Instagram Graph API with C#

I’d been looking at my Google Analytics last weekend and seen the “Instagram Graph API” series of blogs were proving to be some of the most popular pieces of content.

These blogs were born out of my own needs.  I couldn’t find any C# tutorials around this topic so I documented most of what I was doing.

For the last few weeks, some readers have been reaching out to me over email or hitting my DM’s on Twitter with questions and looking for some extra support.

Thank you for taking the time and I’m glad you’re getting value out of the tutorials.

New eBook

To make the content easier to digest and follow, I’ve collected the most popular blogs, streamlined and condensed each article.  I’ve used this revised content to create an easy to follow developer eBook.

As far as I can see, at the time of writing, there aren’t any eBooks on the market that show C# developers how to extract data using the Instagram Graph API.

In fact, if you run a quick Google search, you’ll see it’s my tutorials that are returned on the first page!

The eBook features 50+ pages that show you:

  • How to connect to the Instagram Graph API
  • What Endpoints are available and the data you can extract
  • How the Instagram Insights API can extract valuable image insights
  • How to use Postman to test your connection to the Graph API
  • How to extract the Likes, Comments and Impressions
  • Easy to follow UML Sequence diagrams
  • How to build an extendable and reusable API in C#
  • How to apply world-leading Microsoft AI to Instagram data to surface actionable insights

You get access to an API saving you weeks of development time:

  • Written in C#
  • Integrated with Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics & Computer Vision
  • Features dedicated models, business objects and logic layers
  • Can be easily encapsulated in existing applications

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