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Azure Advent Calendar

Today is the 22nd of December and it’s my turn for the awesome initiative by Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper that is the Azure Advent Calendar.

My 30-minute session involves the following:

  • Introduction to Azure Cognitive Services
  • Deep dive into Text Analytics API with accompanying C# demos.  How you can use Text the Analytics API to identify the main keywords, entities, locations and underlying emotion being expressed
  • Deep dive into Computer Vision API and how you can use it to surface insights in images with C# demos
  • Deep dive into Custom Vision API, how you can use it to create, train and publish a custom image classification model to handle edge cases – with an accompanying C# demo.

I’m still working my way around editing with Tech Smith Camtasia and getting used to some of the features.

You can watch my submission for the Azure Advent Calendar here.

Full code from each of the examples I run through are available on my GitHub repo here.

Drop me a comment below if you have further questions regarding the above!

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