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Exploring Developer learning preferences

I recently created a 2 Polls on Twitter posing a couple of questions – with a view to getting different perspectives on developers preferred approach to learning about new tech or concepts.

The first question was:

The second question was:


There were just over 300 votes – so about 10% engagement.  Not massive, but enough to give an idea in terms of the types of content that resonate with other developers:

  • Recorded video between 5-15 minutes
  • Good old-fashioned blogs with accompanying code snippets

There were some other comments scattered throughout each thread with other insights:

“I like code – but useful if there is a blog post there too just to point the way a little. Videos generally move too slowly for my tastes.”


I hate learning with video’s but that might be very personal, just prefer text/reading over video as it makes it much easier to test/try while you read”


The range is huge. But mostly I’m looking for short overviews of a topic coupled with long in-depth videos once I’ve decided to dig deeper.



People can’t talk as quick as I can read and when reading I can dive around more easily. Totally recognise its personal taste – I do videos myself because lots of people prefer that approach.

Some interesting opinions out there for anyone that’s considering creating content or tutorials targeted at developers and food for thought!

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