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20 of the best Microsoft Azure influencers on Twitter

A few evenings ago, my phone pinged with an email notification.

It was the international recruitment firm Nigel Frank.

They wanted to let me know that I’d been identified as one the “Top 20 Microsoft Azure Influencers on Twitter”!

 “I wanted to let you know that we have included you within the list – thank you for your contributions to such a vibrant community and for continuously sharing your knowledge with others.”

It’s always great to hear that your contributions are valued and recognised by the community!

 There were quite a few names I recognised such as:

To be included alongside your peers is great.

The article goes onto say how this diverse collection includes people from all walks of life, from those on the Microsoft payroll to MVPs, bloggers, coders and site founders who immerse themselves in all things Azure with authority and acumen.

As this community has grown, so too has their reach, which is why we thought it was high-time we shone a light on 20 Azure influencers doing great things in the ecosystem via Twitter, producing a snap-shot of the type of people shaping the product as it approaches its tenth birthday.”

I often use Twitter to network, learn, and engage with tech community.  It can take a while to build up your network but worth it.

You can directly engage with people, search based on interests, curate lists of based on speciality and more.  Its like a global water-cooler!

Read the the entire article here and find out who else is on the list!

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