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Azure Cognitive Services Resources and Tutorials


Throughout 2018 and 2019 I wrote several blog posts about Azure Cognitive Services on the developer site Code Matters.  I thought I’d curate a list of these in a blog post for anyone that may have missed this first-time round.

In these blog posts I:

  • Introduce many of the AI services belong to the Azure ecosystem
  • Show you how to provision artificial intelligence services in Azure
  • Show you how to write code in C# that consumes Azure Cognitive Services
  • Introduce to chatbots!

You’ll also learn about cool technology such as (and how to integrate):

  • Bot Framework SDK
  • Facial Recognition
  • Multiple different types of AI powered search services such as Video, News or Image
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • ..and more!

If you’re interested in cloud technology, artificial intelligence (AI) or looking for use case where it makes sense to deploy AI then check out these articles!

Text Analytics, Facial Recognition, Chatbots and Social Media

These blog posts will show you how to surface actionable insights in Text, Image and Social Media data.  You’ll also learn how to build a basic chatbot sing the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Cognitive Services APIs Introduction
Language: Text Analytics API
Language: Language Understanding API (LUIS)
Vision: Face API
Vision: Computer Vision API
Chatbots: Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework
Using Cognitive Services to find data insights in social data


These articles are all centered around the various types of AI powered Search APIs and how you can easily integrate the power of Bing in your existing applications to help augment their intelligence:

Bing Custom Search
Bing Web Search
Bing Image Search
Bing Visual Search
Bing Video Search

So, there you have it, a collection of AI resources that will help get you upto speed if you’re just getting into AI!

New Cognitive Services

A few weeks ago, I applied for and was granted “preview access” to a new Cognitive Service AP called Form Recognizer.  I see LOTS of use cases for this API. For example, automation of back-office tasks such as admin, payroll or even insurance claim processing.

I haven’t had time to experiment with Form Recognizer but will no doubt document my findings in a blog post in the coming weeks.


In this blog post I’ve curated a list of AI content centred around Azure Cognitive Services.  Are you using these in your existing software applications? Are you planning on using Azure Cognitive Services or AI in your future projects?

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