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A Recap of the Cognitive Services Developer Webinar

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Grey Matter to deliver a webinar to talk about some of the new Search set of AI services within the Microsoft Cognitive Services stack.

In this 30-minute webinar, some of things I covered included:

Visual Search API

I talked about some of the cool feature that Visual Search API ships with.  I also discussed how it can help you deliver innovative search solutions driven by image rather than text.

Some of the features covered included:

  • Visually similar products – Products that are visually like the product shown.
  • Shopping sources – Places where you can buy the item shown in the input image.
  • Web pages that include the image – Webpages that include the input image.
  • Related searches – Related searches made by others or that are based on the contents of the image.
  • Recipes – Webpages that include recipes for making the dish shown in the input image

Web Search API

I ran through a demo of the Web Search API in action and demonstrated how easy it is to integrate the power of Bing in C# with just a few lines of code.

I discussed the object model the Web Search API returns and talked about some use cases that developers could apply the Web Search API in such as Reputation Management.

If you’re into AI and Text Analytics, you could extract data online using the Web Search API then deploy the Text Analytics API to help surface additional insights such as keywords or even sentiment analysis!

Custom Search API

The final API I covered was the Custom Search API, some of the things I talked about in this segment included how:

  • you can build innovative, customisable and tailored search experiences to deliver the results you want for your business or company.
  • The API lets you fetch website results (website, image and video data) for the slice of web that you define in your Custom Search Instance (and accompanying metadata) – all in one single call.
  • the API, you can build search solutions that return results based on your preferences, block unwanted sites, promote key sites and by using statistics that are generated by the API, you can even get insights which might help grow your business.

I also explained how non-technical users can easily create and configure custom search solutions, the data they return and even how you can click and create a UI Search “widget”.  All of which make it easy to integrate custom search experiences into your existing website with little code.

You can watch the entire 30 minute webinar here!

Check it out if you’re into artificial intelligence and want to integrate search into your products or services!

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