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Twitter, #Promote and Microsoft.


This is the first post in about 2 months, things got a little busy these past few weeks.  So, for anyone tracking what I’ve been up to.

Twitter, NYC and #Promote 2017

I didn’t win the Twitter Innovation Challenge – #Promote!

That said, I had some good discussions and hatched (pardon the pun) a few ideas with one of the guys there.

One of these ideas involves using machine learning to surface signals in social to help digital marketers identify potential ad campaigns.


I’ll be building a SaaS dashboard that leverages cutting-edge Twitter APIs to do this and incorporating this into Social Opinion.


Whilst I had nominations from Microsoft UK, it was a “not right now” from the guys at Microsoft Redmond!

I need more community involvement out-with regular blog posts.  I’ve recently been getting invited to events from Microsoft UK to try and increase this.

That’s it for now.  Flight to catch!

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