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#Promote and Azure


Not long until the submission date for the Twitter Innovation Challenge #Promote.

The middleware responsible for processing tweets is maxing out the number of available requests on the free Azure offering so I’ve had to opt for the PAYG pricing model.


It’s easy to configure and you can monitor the cost in the Azure Dashboard and the volume of data being processed.  I can always switch off this module from Azure or SocialOpinion after the #Promote winner is announced (or maybe I’ll win!?).


I had a Campaign in SocialOpinion configured to monitor tweets relating to #Wimbledon but those are now dropping off the radar so have started to use another topic “iPhone”.


The AI Service is running and generating records in the databases with accompanying meta data including but not limited to:

  • User profile
  • Location data
  • Raw tweet data
  • Hyperlinks
  • POS (Part of Speech) Tags
  • Stock symbols


Next Steps

Complete the “submission” blog post that I’ve been adding to and get the application in!

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