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To attend another tech event or not? That is the question…

uprise-festival-logo-600x600A guest post from the team at UPRISE.

It’s a well known fact by now that event industry is in a client crisis as more events pop-up and less organizers actually innovate in the experiences they offer. Further down the line, as events offer less content and more brand visibility, engaging with industry professionals is becoming increasingly hard as there is less motivation to join and assist ego talks.

As vanity takes the stage of many conferences these days, UPRISE is there to change that into a conversation and bringing the event back to the people.

By focusing on people first and tech second, UPRISE FESTIVAL challenges its 128 speakers to provide unique insights into their work and visions about the industry with people in the audience asking the questions. The format of the talk-shops is something rather bold for the kind of topics approached and as such, it’s indeed something you would rather attend in the audience than view weeks after in your YouTube channel playing it back and forth.


The theme of the festival this year is Migration and more into details on the migration of people, data and businesses.

Looking specifically into Migration of data, UPRISE is going to approach big companies on how they deploy new systems, what they aim at doing with big data depositories and how they monetize that as well as many others on the digital nomad lifestyle and talent pools recruited at a global scale.

A sneak peak in the topics that are included in the highlights of the festival on Data so far reveals: Data as the New Oil, The Burden of Big Data and You as a master of your own data collection. These are just some of the specials UPRISE is preparing for the 2nd Dublin Edition in 26th October 2017.

Should you want to join this event and ask the hard questions to panelists or simply find out how the industry is changing directly from decision makers, here is the link for tickets and see you in Dublin!

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