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Twitter and the 2017 #Promote Innovation Challenge


I entered #Promote last year and extended a product I had built to integrate with the Twitter Ads API (Social Opinion).  Using machine learning I was able to perform sentiment analysis for brands, products or services.  I didn’t win #Promote but the experience was worth it!

I got a nudge from someone recently and found out that Twitter have a new initiative underway – the #Promote Innovation Challenge.  I’ll be adding a new feature to Social Opinion that will provide marketers with an ad-tech solution that identifies commercial signals on Twitter and turns these into sales leads.  I’ll be submitting this as my entry.


The new feature will build on existing core technology in Social Opinion and extend the audience creation algorithms which leverage machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

What’s next?

I need to finalise some ideas and decide on some approaches for the NLP aspects of the updated engine.

I’ve recently been experimenting with Signal R, it’s a great match given the real-time nature of the Twitter fire-hose.

Weekly posting on here may take a hit whilst I try to carve out time in the evenings and weekends.  Maybe I can swap out items that were in the blog content schedule in favour of tracking updates for the 2017 Twitters Innovation Challenge.

Maybe this time I’ll win, watch this space! =)

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