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How I doubled my Twitter impressions, profile visits and followers in under 10 days. Part One.

I recently developed and released a new social media listening platform called Social Opinion, it’s currently in beta but the main functionality for the first cut is there though for testers and early adopters.

Whilst this isn’t the topic of this post, what is related is the Twitter account that’s associated with the platform.

As part of developing the platform, I created Twitter account @socialopinions to keep people informed of progress and to share content that users might be interested in. Sharing content manually was quite a time consuming exercise and I started to look for tools that would make this easier. I didn’t want to be glued to my smart-phone swiping and sharing URLs via the Twitter app all day.

This took me down a different path and I ended up with a collection of tools that allowed me to not only batch up and schedule tweets but to introduce some other magic which helped me quickly select articles to share and implement an automated process that could be controlled from my smart phone.

A couple of months in and I’ve been doubling the number of profile views, tweet impressions and followers.

It’s important to say here that whilst the Twitter account is a few years old, it wasn’t getting much attention and that I didn’t expect this to have such quick results.

Here were my initial Twitter analytics for February:


Here were the Twitter analytics for March after trying this out:


I’d like to share with you as by implementing this you can see I’ve been able to increase my social network footprint on Twitter substantially in under 10 days.

What you need

1. Create an account with Buffer
2. Create an account with Feedly
3. Download the Feedly app to your smartphone.
4. Create an account with IFTTT

In part 2 of this series of posts, I’ll tell you how these services can be configured to give you the benefits I’ve had.

In the meantime, I’m curious to know if any of you reading this have used other tools to help boost their social media profile? Or have any comments or suggestions?

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