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First post.

I’ve been thinking recently that I should have started a technical blog years ago, I’ve built so many applications, architected numerous systems, played with new technology and prototyped so many applications that some of it has to be helpful to someone out there, if anything, it will help me keep track of things.

I have recorded videos, pod-casts and have sample code laying around on my hard drive that I intend to post onto this blog, I have a handful of categories setup at the moment which are as follows.

  1. ASP.NET
  2. Businesses and Start-ups
  3. C#
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. General software development
  6. Machine learning
  7. Process improvement
  8. Prototyping
  9. Tooling
  10. WCF
  11. Workflow Foundation

This list is by no means exhaustive and the plan is to post weekly, so watch this space.

If you don’t see a weekly post then give me a nudge.  Also, if there’s particular topic you’d like to see covered or you have a suggestion then drop me a line!



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